Alison’s Statement

When we emerge from the pandemic we all know in our hearts we cannot go back to how things used to.  

I will:

  • Run an effective campaign powered by traditional values and pledging to build back safer communities after the ravages of the pandemic
  • Offer a strong and passionate voice to speak up for the vulnerable, marginalised and forgotten. 
  • Fight for improved funding at a national level for our frontline heroes.

As a working mother of three, I understand how ordinary families are feeling at this terribly difficult time. I am not a career politician but I have the professional and life experience to take on the job and make a difference to our communities.

I have been a Labour Party member and committed activist for 35 years. I am never happier than when I am doorknocking and getting out and about. As a Candidate in last year’s European elections, I campaigned across our glorious county.

I have campaigned on disability issues for twenty years after my second child was born with complex disabilities. I am a committed activist holding regional, constituency and branch officer positions including Women’s Officer for York CLP. I am a graduate of the 2019 Labour Women’s Network Jo Cox Women in Leadership.

More than thirty years’ experience as a former News Editor (ITV Calendar), BAFTA & RTS Yorkshire winning screenwriter and university lecturer makes me a skilled and confident communicator. I am proud to be a trustee for Choice Support, the national charity providing supported living to people with autism across Yorkshire.

We all want to live in better, safer and more connected communities. My manifesto will pledge initiatives to reduce violence towards women and girls including better scrutiny and victim support. Hate crime, cybercrime and fraud against the elderly, county lines and visible rural community policing are my other priority areas.

Ten years of savage cuts have devastated police numbers. Our fire and rescue service has suffered from chronic long-term underinvestment and a brutal reorganisation under the current Tory PFCC. Our police, fire and rescue heroes will be celebrated in my Rainbow Frontline project, putting them at the heart of the communities they serve. I would engage in an extensive consultation with the combined services, public and all stakeholders to deliver a visionary PFCC Plan which targets community cohesion.

I am ready to be the voice of North Yorkshire residents and a champion for our frontline heroes and those who work and volunteer alongside them. We can build back our communities after Covid.